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Name:United Parts Mart, Inc.
Established:February 1986

The excellent guest Limited Company (UPM ) is wide Fan of a range of product , company of the internationalization.

The electronic package that the excellent guest Limited Company produces and sells spreads all over all parts of the world. Semiconductor include device the low-voltage and in keep rectifier,from ordinary for body not secondary get by body and the bridge type package not secondary not supper-fast.

We offer most extensive secondary size number and crystalline grain structure , including the material and body very much of inside front cover of glass of the first day of the lunar month to you, the advanced crystalline grain craft will cover spreading extensivly two-wayly soon , will hold the secondary body of the base epitaxy scene and Shorter's base including spreading two-wayly.

The information that the customer holds in guide hopes to offer essential technology and effective design in order to help the engineer of data to the customer, in the complicated semiconductor craft with the competition, it is the most important to used in the high-standard quality control of the most advanced statistical method, they form assurance that our customer produces performance reliably.

7th Floor, #208, Ta-Tung Road, Section 3,Hsi-Chih City, Taipei , Taiwan, R.O.C.
Telephone: 886-2-86473430 Fax: 886-2-86473450