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Quality Control System
1.The Engineering Division is devoted to guarantee that the quality of its prod- ucts not only meet the standards and requirements of UPM, but also those of its customers.

2.The QA Manager is responsible for the Quality Assurance Department and High Reliability Laboratory.

3.Quality Assurance performs inspection of incoming material, in-process quality control and finished goods, as well as conducting periodical reliability and audit testing.

4.All employees of the company are required to attend regularly scheduled training program on topics such asstatistical process control (SPC), Just- In- Time(JIT) delivery, and zero defect program.

5. QA personnel should also actively participate in new product development program and process ch- anges.

6. UPM is committed to a "customers first" policy and devotes to always meet its customers' needs while continuously striving for higher customer satisfaction.

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