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ISO 9001
 Company Profile
 Organizaty Assurance Policy
 Major Materials Approved Supplier List
 Engineering and Quality Control System
 Calibration System
 Flow Chart of the Manufacturing Process
 System of Quality Service & Claim Action Route
 Main Functions of the Quality Control Department
 Weekly Test
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Raw Material Input * Receive parts through approved supplier.
  □ Incoming Inspections * Perform incoming inspection of part,material, and record the results.
O Wafer Fabrication * Breakdown voltage, function test, junction deeps, etc. are inspected to assure lot quality.
  □ In-Process Inspection-I  
O Soldering * Furnace profile checked every 2 weeks.
  □ In-Process Inspection-II  
O Etching * Die size control.
O Junction Coating * Process condition of curing and timing control
O Molding * Molding of plastic encapsulated device
    temperature,pressure, and clamping time
  □ In-Process Inspection-III * Visual and mechanical inspection.
O Plating * Temperature, PH value, and timing.
  □ In-Process Inspection-IV * Visual inspection and solderability thickness test.
    * Special test of temperature cycling, seal,gross, and fine leak test.
O 4-Bin Sorting Tester  
O Marking & Elect. Test * Legibility marking, correct electrical-polarity function.
  □ In-Process Inspection-V * Electrical function, cosmetic, and dimension test.
O Visual Inspection * Bulk, tape-reel, packing process,panasert,avisert, and etc.
  □ Lot Outgoing Quality * Electrical characteristics, external visual or special test.
  Control or Final Inspection  
O Warehouse  
  □ Quality Audit * QA audit for packing of carton, and inner box.

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